The Ramshackles reunion show at Bar Nancy in Little Havana was a night to remember for punk rock fans in Miami. The band, which formed in 2002 and went on hiatus several years later, came together for a special performance.

The reunion show was a night to remember, with supporting sets from some of Miami’s best punk bands including Vext, Pena Maxima, and Body Blow. The lineup was packed with raw energy and punk rock passion, and each band brought its own unique style to the stage.

Vext, pena máxima and bodyblow

Ramshackles were the headliners of the night, but each of the supporting acts played an important role in setting the stage for the reunion show. With their high-energy performances, each of these bands helped to create a night that was truly a celebration of the Miami punk scene.

The crowd was electric, and the atmosphere was one of unity and mutual respect as punk fans from all over the city came together to enjoy some of the best music Miami has to offer.

Pena Máxima
Body Blow


The show was a mix of original songs and covers, with the band delivering powerful renditions of classics from bands such as 2 Minutos, Attaque 77, The Misfits, and the Ramones. Fans were treated to an energetic performance that was filled with energy and passion, as the band tore through their set with reckless abandon.

One of the night’s highlights was the performance of “Security,” the first single from their 2003 album “Inanimate World.” The crowd sang along to every word, showing how deeply the band’s music resonated with their fans over the years.

The reunion show was a testament to the power of music and the enduring popularity of the punk rock genre. The Ramshackles proved that their music and message are just as relevant today as they were when the band first formed and that their fans continue to be just as passionate and dedicated as ever. If you missed this reunion show, you missed out on a truly unforgettable night of punk rock.

show highlights

Two of the biggest highlights were undoubtedly the performances of “Gobierno” and the bands’ rendition of “Ya no sos Igual”, a song by Argentinian punk legends 2 Minutos. These two songs are fan favorites and are known for their catchy hooks, powerful lyrics, and high-energy performances.

The crowd erupted with excitement as the band launched into “Gobierno,” with fans singing along to every word. The song’s message about government corruption and social justice are just as relevant today as it was when the band first released it, and the crowd’s reaction showed just how much the band’s message continues to resonate with fans.

Similarly, “Ya no sos Igual” was a standout moment of the night, with the crowd once again singing along to every word. The song’s themes of love and loss are universal, and the band’s powerful performance of the track showed just how much their music continues to touch the hearts of their fans.

Ramshackles - Reunion show at Bar Nancy, December 22, 2022

What is next for ramshackles?

The reunion show was a true testament to the enduring power and passion of the Ramshackles. Not only did it thrill and entertain the fans in attendance, but it also reinvigorated the band members and reignited their love for playing and recording music together.

The energy and excitement of the show were palpable, and it was clear that the members of the band were having the time of their lives playing together again.

Daniel Falquez (Guitar), Santiago Cadavid (Bass/Vocals), Miguel Larrea (Guitar/Vocals), and Joseph Larrea (Drums) practicing for the first time in more than 15 years at The Shack North in Hialeah, FL.

In the wake of the reunion show, the members of Ramshackles are eager to get back in the studio and start writing and recording new music. They have already teased the release of an EP with new and unreleased songs, and fans are eagerly anticipating what they have in store.

With their eclectic mix of influences and powerful punk rock sound, the Ramshackles are poised to make a big impact in the music world once again. The reunion show was just the beginning, and the future is looking bright for this legendary Miami-based skate-punk band.

Hardcore for Punx and their impact on the Miami scene

The reunion show was put on by Hardcore for Punx, a Miami-based punk concert series led by Gordo from Antifaces and Pena Maxima. Gordo and his team have been bringing the best in punk, hardcore, and skate-punk music to Miami for years, and the Ramshackles reunion was no exception. With their deep connections in the punk community and their passion for music, Hardcore for Punx is known for putting on unforgettable shows that bring together fans from all over the city.

Hardcore for punx presents Loud Fun Times at Bar Nancy featuring the reunion show of Ramshackles. also on the bill Bodyblow, Pena Máxima and Vext.